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"Movie Night" - with over a 100 vegan food - and dessert recipes, a mixture of both raw and cooked meals. 


"Goodies" - filled with delicious recipes for sweet treats and goodies for every occation.


"How to use Food Scraps" -  contains recipes, tips and tricks to get the most out of your commodities that would have otherwise landed in the trash.


"Salads" - a collection of easy and delicious salads to use as meals for lunch or as side dishes for dinner.


"Side dishes" - filled with colorful side dishes spicing up any meal.

"Danish Strawberry Tart" - a very beloved recipe for the Danish strawberry tart with all its classic elements that is a crust, a marzipan layer, a chocolate layer, a vanilla créme, fresh strawberries and a gel on top.

"Rock and Roll" - delicious easy rolls and many diverse suggestions for filling.


"Spaghetti Sauce" - a collection of sauces to use for regular pasta, gluten free/lentil pasta or with squash-spaghetti which we use in the eBook.


"Danish Cold Buttermilk Soup" - the delicious Danish cold buttermilk soup dish which is the perfect addition to a warm summer.


"Pizza" - all the elements needed in building your own perfect pizza.


"Dip & Spread" - delicious and savory dips and spreads that is perfect with oven baked potatoes and veggies or as a spread on bread, burgers or sandwiches. They can also be used in the rolls in our eBook 'Rock & Roll'.


"Sweet Little Things" - delicious recipes for bliss bites made from dates. Perfect for an easy and light dessert, as a sweet for a movie night or if you desire something sweet during the day.


"Spice It Up" - a collection of spices to flavor oven baked potatoes and other vegetables, dips and spreads and for homemade crisps. 


"Scalloped Potatoes - delicious scalloped potatoes along with a variety of garlic dressings.

"Christmas Treats" - filled with delicious Christmas treats. 


"Simple Smoothies" - filled with deliciously fresh smoothies.

"Cookies" - filled with soft and indulgent cookies.

"Nut free" - delicious nut free dessert and snack recipes. 

"Have A (N)ice Day" - filled with delicious banana ice cream recipes for every taste, as well as soft ice, indulgent ice cream sandwiches and nut bowls which has a nut free alternative. 

"raw and fat free" - filled with delicious raw vegan recipes for dinner, snacks, desserts and more. All raw and without fat.

"Living water"  - is for you who would like to get hydrated and enjoy the amazing healing benefits og drinking living water. 

"Personal Care" - 7 lifestyle recipes. 

"Cakes" - is filled with delicious cakes. 

"Bliss Bites" - is filled with many different and amazing bliss bites for dessert or snack. 

"Tea time" - is a small selection of tea blends that we love. If you are a beginner, there are also tips for collecting and drying your own herbs or if you are already a tea drinker there are new recipes to try. 

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English is not our first language so we have translated these recipes to the best of our abilities.

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